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How to Pick the Right Size Roof Box

A roof box is a game-changer for any adventure enthusiast. It's the key to unlocking endless possibilities for your next journey.

Why Choose a Roof Box?

Rain, hail, snow, or shine, a roof box is the ultimate luggage solution that adapts to all weather conditions. But did you know that these versatile boxes can be used for so much more?

From gardening tools to beach supplies, a roof box is a versatile companion that can carry a wide range of items, from camping gear to sports equipment. Whether it's prams, skis, golf clubs, or any other essentials, a roof box has got you covered.

What should you consider when choosing a cargo box?

When deciding on the right cargo box for your needs, think about what you will be stowing. Bulky, lightweight items like tents, sleeping bags, blankets and camp chairs are perfect for roof boxes.

These items take up a lot of space but don't weigh a ton, making them ideal for the top of your vehicle.

Consider Your Vehicle

Before making a purchase, it's crucial to consider the dimensions of your vehicle and width between roof racks. All Thule and Rhino-Rack Roof Rack Systems we offer are compatible with all of the Roof Boxes we sell. Dimensions can be found in the descriptions of all Roof Boxes. 

Also - make sure to take into account how the box will affect the opening of your boot (if it tilts up). Some smaller vehicles may not be suitable for larger roof boxes - you probably wouldn't put a 500L XL box on a Mini!

How do you determine the size of the cargo box you need?

Whether you're heading to the slopes with skis and ski poles or hitting the beach with kids' toys, a cargo box tailored to your gear is essential. You can filter for your required Max Internal Length and Load Capacity on the Roof Box Category Page

Consider the length, width, and height of the largest of your gear to determine the size of the cargo box you need. This will ensure that everything fits securely and efficiently.

Thuel Motion XT XL Roofbox Stoke Equipment Co Nelson

Pack your Gear with Care

When loading your roof box, prioritize safety and organization. Secure your gear properly to prevent any shifting during transit. A well-packed roof box ensures that your belongings arrive at your destination undamaged and intact.

We recommend putting roughly 60% of the weight you’re carrying in the center of the box so it’s between the crossbars on your roof rack. The remaining 40% can be split evenly between the front and back.

Remember the roof racks!

Roof Boxes are mounted on the roof racks of your car. If you have roof racks already, make sure they’re compatible. If you don’t have roof racks yet, we have some great options! 

Check out our Vehicle Roof Rack Database Here

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