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Konig EasyFit CU9 Snow Chains 16"

Konig EasyFit CU9 Snow Chains 16"

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König Easy-fit CU-9 - Fitted in only 12 seconds, using a snow chain has never been so easy

  • Easy, intuitive and quick to fit. One stop only, 3 easy steps to fit and drive
  • 9 mm inside and on-the-tread clearance
  • Symmetrical diamond pattern chain
  • The internal rigid arch system makes fitting the chain very intuitive
  • Automatic tensioning system activated by foot
  • External quick release system activated by red buttons on the aluminium bar
  • The Wheel-Shield Level 1 offers an integral protection of the wheel from scratches caused by contact with metal parts. The aluminum bar inner face is protected with an anti-scratch composite material and the side elements are protected with specific nylon bumper kit
  • Practical and durable bag, with built-in instructions, can be used as a rug during fitting
  • Not for off-road use - For use on sealed roads only


The name says it all. König Easy-fit makes the fitting of snow chains a breeze.
Fitting snow chains is not a tricky process at all but it requires some small practice at home to get used with the main operations prior finding yourself using them in the first snow storm of your life.
With the Easy-fit, König redefines a new way of fitting snow chains thanks to revolutionary product technology making the life of end-consumers easier when it comes to snow chain fitting.
First, the Easy-fit comes already assembled out of the box, thus not requiring any kind of hooking/unhooking operations from consumer’s side during mounting. But this is just a part of the Easy-fit advantages standing out.
When it comes to fitting, the Easy-fit gets spread wide open to obtain the maximum extension in order to properly cover the tyre starting from the upper part to the lower one. With that done, the tensioning gets activated by pushing the integrated pedal to the lower position.
The Easy-fit gets tensioned at car’s wheel first rotation and thanks to the special design of the inner locking device the tensioning precision increases while driving.
König Easy-fit is certified according to O-Norm V5117, UNI 11313 and EN 16662-1 thus fulfilling all Winter Equipment legal requirement.

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