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What is a Roof Top Tent - and Why Do You Need One?

How do you choose a rooftop tent? And how do you make sure it fits your car?

A Roof Top Tent means hassle free adventure. Their quick set-up time means you can camp easily anywhere, and their durable construction makes them the perfect for the wilderness. 

So is it time to ditch your tent on the cold, muddy ground and climb up among the treetops? Before you do, there are a couple of things to think about. This guide should help you answer any questions. 


Major benefits of a rooftop tent: 

The adventure. 

Rooftop tents are a unique way to experience the great outdoors, whatever the conditions. Durable and weather-resistant, rooftop tents are great for camping in places RVs can't reach. They are sturdy and can withstand harsh NZ conditions.

The view. 

Getting up off the ground means that you have easy viewing of the beautiful scenery just outside your tent. Some roof top tents even have built-in sky panels, so you can drift off gazing at the stars. 

Fast to set up. 

You can unfold and pack away a Roof Top Tent super quick - literally within minutes. Just unfold it and you're all set, no need to connect a bunch of poles and pegs like a traditional tent. This means more time exploring and less time setting up camp. 


Most roof top tents have a built-in mattress which is generally comfier than blow-up mattresses - and it won't go down overnight. You can leave the bedding inside the tent, so you can jump in as soon as you open it. Also, the tent’s flat floor means no more rocks or debris poking your back at night. 


How do rooftop tents work? 

Travel to your favorite camping spot and open the rooftop tent, lower the ladder, and climb in! Rooftop tents can fit on most vehicle racks and are easy to install with secure mounting hardware. They can stay on your vehicle between adventures, or you can easily remove it in the offseason. 


How to install a roof top tent? 

Before you get camping, you have to first mount the roof top tent to your vehicle. Manufacturers design rooftop tents differently and provide various installation methods, but most tents follow a general installation process. 

1. Place the tent on the roof rack of your car, slide it into place. 

2. Secure the tent by bolting down the provided mounting hardware. 

Of course, for more specific instructions always refer to the manual of your specific tent. 


Remember the roof racks! 

Your roof rack will need to be able to handle the dynamic weight of the tent. 

Roof top tents work with most roof types - except for bare roof vehicles without tracks or rails. A car with a sunroof shouldn't pose an issue, but definitely not vehicles with glass roofs. 

A rooftop tent works on vehicles with flush rails, raised rails, gutters, tracks and roofs with fixed points. For any fitment questions don't hesitate to drop us a line through our contact page!

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