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How Much is Shipping?

Our shipping rates vary depending on the products you order and your shipping location. Roof Racks and smaller items start from $9.99 - Larger items start from $29.99.

The easiest way to find out is by adding to your cart and entering your shipping address.

Do you have a Roof Rack Shop near me?

We are based in Nelson, but ship throughout New Zealand with the best couriers in the business

Can I fit Thule Racks to any Vehicle?

We have Roof Rack solutions to suit most popular vehicles from 2010 onwards.

I have Roof Racks from my old vehicle - can I use them on my new car?

In some cases yes - but 90% of the time it is quicker and easier to buy a new system and sell the old as complete.

I ordered some Rhino-Rack Vortex bars - where are the Rubber Strips?

Inside the bar! Pop the end cap off and give it a shake

Why are Black Thule Crossbars more expensive?

The extra manufacturing processes involved in the Black finish makes for a (slightly) higher cost

Can I fit Rhino-Racks to any Vehicle?

We have Rhino-Rack Roof Rack solutions to suit most popular NZ vehicles from 2012 onwards

Do you have Roof Racks to suit a Roof Top Tent?

Check out Our Roof Top Tent Compatible Racks Here

I've lost my roof rack accessory key - can you get me another?

Yes we can - as long as you know what key number you need (there are 250+ options!)

Can I add Roof Rack Rack Accessories from Other Brands?

Our Thule WingBar and Rhino-Rack Vortex Systems are equipped with an industry standard 20mm T-Slot - to accept most accessories like bike racks, ski carriers etc.

Can you put a Roof Top Tent on any Roof Rack?

No - It's crucial that a Roof Top Tent is securely mounted. Required Roof Racks need to be:

  • Gutter Mount
  • Track Mount
  • Fixpoint Mount
  • Flush Rail Mount
  • Raised Rail Mount
  • Or a Roof Tray

We have a category for Roof Top Tent Compatible Roof Rack Kits

Clamp Mounted Roof Racks that secure the rack in the door (for vehicles with normal roof) are not suitable for Roof Top Tents

What are the Benefits of an Overhang Bar?

A full width crossbar (like a Thule WingBar Evo) with Overhang gives a wider loading area allowing you to transport more gear.

Why are Silver Thule Crossbars Cheaper?

The extra manufacturing processes involved in the Black finish makes for a (slightly) higher cost

Should I Choose Silver or Black Bars?

That comes down to personal preference. Most people would choose Silver to match light coloured paint, or trim accents on their vehicle.