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What Roof Top Tent Suits You?

How do you choose a rooftop tent? And how do you make sure it fits your car?

A Roof Top Tent means hassle free adventure. Their quick set-up time means you can camp easily anywhere, and their durable construction makes them the perfect for the wilderness. 

So is it time to ditch your tent on the cold, muddy ground and climb up among the treetops? Before you do, there are a couple of things to think about. This guide should help you answer any questions. 


Fold-out / Soft Shell: Most common with soft-shell roof top tents. Simply pull off the travel cover, pull out the ladder and unfold the tent. Adjust the ladder so that it reaches the floor and then you’re ready to enjoy! 

Soft shell tents come in bigger sizes than hard shell and the largest roof top tent can fit up to four people. Also, soft-shell tents can have an annex attached which allows for an extra room below the tent. 

Pop-up / Hard Shell: Most common for hard-shell roof top tents. Simply unlatch the latches and the tent will pop up into place. For this reason, they are usually faster to set up and tear down.

All these factors make them popular for overlanding and off-roading trips. Also, some hard-shell tents double up as a cargo box for extra storage, or to use during the off-season.


Who uses a roof top tent? 

-Car top tents for families 

The largest roof top tents usually 4 people - ideal for families. Adding a annex also gives extra space to get the little ones ready in the morning, or even a their own space to sleep. 

-Car top tents for weekend warriors

If you like a quick weekend getaway or a short stay at a campsite, a compact lightweight car roof tent is perfect. A small footprint tent like the Thule Foothill frees up space on the roof of your car. This makes it ideal for smaller vehicles like crossovers and wagons - and means you can bring along extra equipment like a bike or kayak. 

-Car top tents for rugged adventurers 

If you have a big trip planned, choose a roof top tent designed for where the road ends. Hard Shell Tents, for example, withstand brutal weather and off-road conditions. A tent like this is perfect for your 4X4 trailer or off-road rigs. 


How do you know if a roof top tent fits your vehicle? 

We know how important it is to make sure that your rooftop tent is secure and safe. That’s why it is super important your tent fits the vehicle properly. Below are some things to consider when checking if a tent will fit your car. 

-Weight capacity 

The dynamic weight capacity is the weight your car can handle when driving. This is the maximum weight capacity specified by your vehicle manufacturer. It’s basically the weight capacity needed to hold your rooftop tent. 

The Static weight capacity is the weight that your car can handle when parked. The ladder adds extra support, the static weight capacity is usually three times more than the dynamic weight capacity. This indicates the weight needed to hold the tent and the people sleeping inside. 


-Roof Rack Fitment

Your roof rack will need to be able to handle the dynamic weight of the tent. 

Roof top tents work with most roof types - except for bare roof vehicles without tracks or rails. A car with a sunroof shouldn't pose an issue, but definitely not vehicles with glass roofs. 

A rooftop tent works on vehicles with flush rails, raised rails, gutters, tracks and roofs with fixed points. For any fitment questions don't hesitate to drop us a line through our contact page!

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